About Us

We are a working model of the Next Generation firm described by Richard Susskind in The End of Lawyers? and Tomorrow's Lawyers.

We are leaving inefficient and slow-moving processes behind, moving forward with a client- centric approach that is focused on the best interests of our clients when solving and preventing their legal issues. We have broken apart old processes, reduced them to the essential components and redesigned them to be simple, efficient and effective. The result of this redesign is our custom case handling process, known as the Hermes Law Case Architectūra (HLCA). Through the HLCA, we are disrupting the way the business of law has always been conducted, which means you can expect more from us.

Best-in-class risk reduction legal services

  • Custom case handling process with measured deliverables
  • Alignment with client guidelines, policies and service level expectations
  • Workflow and knowledge management

Responsive and transparent case management

  • Same-day response on new case intake process
  • Introductory call with claims professional and insured within 48 hours
  • 100% adherence to HLCA protocols
  • Detailed case and Collaborative Resolution strategies delivered within 15 days
  • 90-day Litigation Planning Reports reflecting case progress and results

Metric-driven results provided to each client for each case

  • 100% adherence to client-driven case budget
  • Reduced case life and legal spend
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management Recommendations & Case Metrics Reports provided upon conclusion of all matters

Adoption of leading edge, industry accepted technology

  • Technology strategy that streamlines and automates systems
  • Automated billing process resulting in fewer billing rejects and appeals
  • Automated document assembly

Collaborative culture

  • Attract, develop and retain top talent
  • Happy, healthy and professionally satisfied