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Life at Hermes Law

Hermes Law combines a collaborative work environment, industry-leading technology, and a culture of innovation to elevate the value of legal services offered to clients, all while providing limitless growth potential and career opportunities to team members in every role.


An open office setting promotes equality amongst the close-knit Hermes team. Working together allows growth opportunities for every employee all while accomplishing the client’s goals.


No offices. No selling. No politics. Hermes breaks from tradition. This approach allows employees to effectively use their legal talents, providing the best opportunity to grow skill sets and offer the best representation for every client.


It is time to let technology take the legal industry to the next level. Hermes Law is proud to provide streamlined and automated systems that benefit client relationships, all while enabling concentration on legal expertise.

  • A New Desk Everyday

    Hermes Law capitalizes on the open office concept enabling our team’s interaction and togetherness. The space is open and bright and everyone can have a different window seat, with a view, every day.

  • Innovating the Legal Industry

    Hermes Law is a progressive-thinking group of talented individuals focusing on the best interests of clients, leaving inefficient processes behind and offering endless opportunities for growth amongst each and every team member.

  • Pioneering Flexibility in the Legal Industry

    Hermes Law allows for flexibility among team members to create a healthy life-work balance, enabling a creative, engaged and excited team of people that consistently deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

  • Advancement through Technology

    Hermes Law is disrupting the practice of law with a focus on technology by utilizing an integrated technology stack to expedite case administration, streamline workflows and allow teams to concentrate more on legal expertise, and less on paperwork.

  • Open Concept Invites Collaboration

    You won’t find walls at Hermes Law. This open concept approach fosters a sense of collaboration between team members with diversity of knowledge, skills and backgrounds.


Hermes Law’s close-knit team is looking to expand our experienced, diverse, innovative and close-knit team. We are passionate about achieving our clients’ goals and offering industry-leading opportunities as you take the next step in your career.

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