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The Last Mile

Professor Bill Henderson recognized Hermes Law as one of the original members of the Last Miler’s Club in his Legal Evolution publication on November 11, 2018 Link. The Last Miler’s Club recognizes those that are dedicated to bridging the Last Mile to true client and attorney alignment that comes with a compensation model that is not dependent on the billable hour. Hermes Law’s contribution to this effort is both its process-driven insurance defense model, the Hermes Law Case Architectūra and its Value Pricing Agreement.

The Last Mile (Problem and Solution) Article

“In my travels as a researcher, I visited an innovative insurance defense firm that was specifically created to implement processes, technologies and staffing systems to drive down both legal costs and speed up cycle time (closing files in an average of 300 days rather than 500). The firm has been able to show that as the time and cost to litigate go down, the amount paid to plaintiffs in settlements and judgments is not going up. This is a big net saving for the insurance companies.”