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News From the Office

Dallas Design Awards

To break down barriers between our lawyers and clients we designed a dynamic work environment to encourage an open flow of ideas and information. In keeping with the historic Dallas West End and The Oilwell Supply building where the law firm is located, we kept the concrete floors, exposed brick walls and ceilings. It is 8,000 square feet of open, flexible communal space where employees are given a wide variety of spaces in which to work individually or in a group.

Dallas Design Awards: Hermes Law named runner-up for Historical, Restoration/Preservation for Commercial Office

We think our office is pretty cool and most definitely the coolest law firm. Attorneys are increasingly mobile and virtual collaboration is a necessity, requiring innovative workplace strategies. To take advantage of the stunning views of downtown Dallas, we designed the 40 unassigned workstations to all have a view. There are standing desks, group desks, phone booths, a hammock and everything in between. Legal work and culture are changing and the interior design of Hermes Law’s office is culturally relevant and keeps them connected to their client’s needs. The space is a work-in-progress to allow for expansion and growth. Daily Ping-Pong matches and Foosball games keep the space lively.

Lloyds of London Market

Hermes Law, a diverse team of legal professionals providing legal services to clients in matters pertaining to the insurance and risk industry, recently hired Rebecca Side as its Lloyds of London and London Market Representative.

Rebecca Side named as Hermes Law’s Lloyds of London Market Representative

Based in London, Side will be responsible for developing new business from the Lloyd’s and London markets and will act as the firm’s London representative for U.K.-based Clients.

“Our firm embraces technology perhaps as much or more than any other, especially when it comes to improving case resolution quality. Yet, in many instances, technology is not a substitute for face-to-face. Having a professional of Rebecca’s caliber as our market representative gives the Firm a physical and professional presence in the Lloyd’s and London market that’s absolutely critical to our success,” said Dwayne Hermes, founder of Hermes Law.

Side previously worked for the Global Claims Management Company ‘Crawford and Company’ and the Lloyd’s Managing General Agent ‘Woodbrook’. Her experience covers many aspects of the insurance industry, including TPA management/review, claims handling, underwriting and compliance.

Adds Hermes, “Rebecca is fully conversant with the Lloyd’s Market protocols and procedures and with her extensive market knowledge will be taking Hermes Law to the next level of client commitment not only ensuring alignment of our services with clients’ needs but also compliance with the increasing demands for reporting from the regulatory bodies.”

Hermes Law represents commercial clients on insurance-related cases in the areas of Appellate Law, Casualty, Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Cyber Liability, Environmental Law, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Property and Transportation Law.