Metrics & Analytics

These are the metrics and analytics we discuss with clients for the purpose of service alignment.


  • Average case life
  • Average legal spend per file
  • Billed to budget ratio
  • Budget accuracy (quarterly and total budget) and history of changes
  • Evaluation accuracy and history of changes
  • Reserving accuracy
  • Case complexity
  • Net premium amount written
  • Number of touchpoints: Number of times Claims Professional interacted with the
  • Attorney to move the case forward
  • Satisfaction score with defense counsel
  • Itemized legal expense
  • Resolution type

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Improvement of (ROI = First Reserve – Total Fees and Expenses – Indemnity)
  • Improvement of Net Loss Ratio (With or Without LAE)
  • Improvement of Net Expense Ratio
  • Improvement of Net Combined Ratio (Sum of Incurred Losses and Expense Ratio)
  • Reduction of Loss Adjustment Expenses (LAE) – Not Including Expenses
  • Improvement of Net Combined Ratio against Ratio based on First Reserve
  • Desired Customer Renewal Rates Achieved or Improved
  • Improvement of Reserve Accuracy
  • Achievement of Subrogation Recovery
  • Reduction of Indemnity/Reserve in Relation to Written Premium
  • Greater success rate at mediation
  • Greater savings from the mediation process

Analytics Insights

  • Return on Legal Expense (ROLE): Plaintiff’s demand minus legal fees and expenses minus indemnity
  • ROLE %: ROLE divided by Plaintiff’s demand
  • Results of benchmarking against prior performance and other providers
  • Identification of optimal point of settlement
  • Identification of most valuable litigation efforts
  • 80/20 rule on impacting high exposure cases
  • Analysis of billing data (potentially to the tenth of an hour) to determine efficiency and impact in legal spend
  • Identification of characteristics of candidates for early resolution
  • Prediction of optimal amount of work per file
  • Prediction of optimal file life
  • Compliance with the HLCA
  • Management of attorney’s file inventory for most effective and efficient file handling
  • Combined customer impact score