Oversight & Resolution

Oversight and Resolution Counsel

Hermes Law’s innovative Oversight and Resolution Counsel Program (ORCP) is designed to timely and effectively resolve those higher value claims through collaboration consistent with our culture of team-orientation, whether we are brought in at the beginning of the case or during litigation when progress has stalled. The ORCP is applicable to all stages of litigation to prompt earlier resolution and related reduction in litigation expenses.

We facilitate timely and effective resolution by:

  • Providing an early category-driven case valuation and budgeted roadmap of anticipated ORCP efforts;
  • Providing a preliminary annotated jury charge with strategies and suggestions designed to reduce exposure;
  • Identifying and addressing key factual weaknesses through case strategy, discovery, and expert testimony;
  • Formulating strategies to overcome mediation roadblocks;
  • Facilitating joint defense including development of common case themes to posture the case for favorable resolution;
  • Preparing dispositive motions and pre-trial briefing strategies, and assisting with briefing as needed;
  • Engaging appellate counsel where appropriate to strengthen the case profile on appeal as an aid to reducing resolution costs;
  • Customizing reporting according to carrier guidelines and internal metrics, with post-case metric driven analysis to track results of the program.