Silvia Diaz-Roa

Silvia Diaz-Roa - Director Of Innovation

Phone: 214-749-6826    

I was raised by a strong, intelligent, single mother who fought for justice in the country we eventually had to flee from. My mother, sister and I left Colombia due to the civil war and sought refuge in the United States. We did not speak English and were only able to bring very little with us making the first couple of years were rough. My mother never stopped trying to give my sister and me a better life every day. Above everything, she emphasized the value of education. Our success is a tribute to that. Her courage is what keeps us moving forward and up every day. Her compassion reminds us to count our blessings and to not forget where we started. At Hermes Law, I am surrounded by people who share these values, which is why my team feels like my family.